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Blue Eyes Are Gray in the Dark

  Queen Califia was born and raised in Long Beach, California. "Parris" is her real name and Queen Califia is her stage name. Everyone usually calls her "Cali" for short. Since the very first time Califia starting using a pen and paper is the very moment she started writing. She inspires to speak & live her truth like Lauryn Hill , to be as daring as Assata Shakur, and smooth like Erykah Badu. She I also inspire to be as charming as Maya Angelou and authentically vocal as Mereba.  Beware of the pleasant features we gaze into during the light of the day. As the elements change and night falls, take a closer look and it will not appear the same. “Blue Eyes Are Gray in the Dark” shows us why we should not fall for anyone’s surface appearance if we cannot fathom the darkness that lies underneath. The collection is divided into three sets, one for each feeling and the color that is physiologically associated with it. We must all disregard the color of the eyes and em

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