King Fish. FWD “Family. Wealth. Determination.”


King Fish NC recording artist explains the creation of his name comes from him being the (King) Of His Castle. He is married with 4 kids. His last name is (Fisher) and that is where the word (Fish) comes from and together you get King Fish. The letters “FWD” is a part is his brand. It stands for “Family. Wealth. Determination.” King Fish started getting into music in high school. Through his teens he listened to all genres and specifically Hip Hop (Brown Sugar Vibes).

Blue Hunnits has that rap artists hit single. He also has another single called “They Know” featuring an artist from Goldsboro, NC. His plan is to continue building his buzz more and more, then eventually drop an 
Album or Mixtape. Instead of dropping stuff randomly the artist wants to has all his ducks in a row, so you can expect to see a music video for "Blue Hunnits" coming very soon but not before things are lined up. If you want to listen to King Fish. FWD's music you can click this link .

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