No Stress Sound Academy Is Already Making Noise

No Stress Sound Academy created by  No Stress founder and Street Execs executive DJ E Sudd is already  making a huge splash in the Carolina music scene. This past Tuesday, April 5th No Stress and Paper Route Empire partner up to host a private listening party for rap artist Kenny Muney in Charlotte, NC.

Kenny Muney announced that he would apart of Key Glock's Yellow Paper Tour and the 2nd city on that tour is Charlotte, NC. What better way to tap in with the people in the city than to host a meet & great / listening party. Some of Carolinas' biggest artist, media, and power brokers were all in attendance. This was also an opportunity for you to check out No Stress artist Anella Herim. To see a quick recap video from the event you can visit @nostresssound via instagram. We are exciting to see what future impact No Stress Sound Academy brings to the Charlotte, Carolina region. If you're looking to get tapped in with No Stress, Sudd, and Street Execs you can catch them in Atlanta this weekend for Street Execs Weekend where they will be giving away a nightly cash prize of $5k. To find out more info go to 

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