What It Is, What’s It Ain’t and What Is In Between


Let's introduce you to Keanu Re2se, the coolest breeze in the East and we dare you to tell me different. Keanu Re2se got his name from "The Matrix" movie star Keanu Reeves who played "Neo". He already went by Re2se (pronounced Reese) then just added "Keanu" to the front. The artist is originally from C-port City, Savannah, Georgia.  He has been involved with music ever since he was a kid. Around to 8-9 years old, he would listen to his Dad's vinyls and write down all the lyrics. He would write them down so he could memorize them, one to recite them whenever the songs would get replayed. Before you knew it he in school rapping at the lunch table.

Keanu recently release a single called “Backend”. It's on all streaming platforms and he also has a music video out for the song on YouTube. He has been making music professionally for a while now and has released several projects including The B.O.T.M, The B.O.T.M 2, Cotton Pickin' Truth, No Think Tape, Ain't No Plan B, Voyage, Rising Phoenix, Four Peace EP, and more.

On May 7th, 2022 the artist will be dropping a new single called "Surface," and following that he will be releasing an album called "Trauma Bond," on June 4th, 2022.

If you want listen to all that Keanu Re2se has to offer you can click this link https://solo.to/re2se and to follow the artist on social media platforms search @keanu_re2se he will follow back. 

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